We use our specialist construction knowledge and high-level drawing skills

Our partnership with you starts with a complimentary site evaluation. As far as you are concerned, it will end until you move in. We have the capability to take you from the very beginning of that process through home design, construction, interior decoration, to finally calling it a home, and beyond. We offer free 1 year maintenance for the homes that we design. On the finalization of the design process, we work out a budget and timelines that are guaranteed. There are no hidden fees or unpleasant surprises waiting for you. We are surprised you have unplanned changes, either, and we have achieved that through meticulous planning from the start. Our team includes architects, interior designers and engineers. Building Construction Islamabad can create a home tailored for you, from the ground up, and do it at the right price. We also have a selection of top tier home designs ready to go. During execution we will keep you updated, though, with weekly photos, a schedule, and budget updates. We believe in transparency. When problems come up, we will let you know about them, and we will deal with them. We use our specialist construction knowledge and high-level drawing skills to design buildings that are functional, safe, sustainable and aesthetically pleasing.


Architects stay relevant throughout the construction process, adapting to their plans according to budget constraints, environmental factors or client needs. Our mission is to perform our customers’ highest level of quality construction at fair & market competitive prices. We conduct overall planning that includes all activities of coordination and make sure there are controls developed so that all the projects are taken care of from the beginning to their eventual completion.

Meer consultant   caters to the needs of both real estate buyers and sellers. Our objective is to help individuals find the property market in their ideal home, land or commercial property.meer consultant  not only provides the necessary expertise in the construction, but leaps a step ahead to make sure the turn-key solution is provided., our first and foremost priority is client satisfaction and ease that starts from the very first step in the form of detailed paper work including quotations, bill of materials, agreements & Contract, execute the regular interaction throughout the project, addressing issues and successfully completing. We are committed to providing quality and hassle-free service assuring peace of mind with a clear communication and transparent business processes.. We make long lasting relationships with our clients providing high quality service


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