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Meer consultants have completed many years of its operations and today we are one of the leading construction companies of the country. It has become possible only with untiring efforts of our dedicated staff and encouragement from our valued clients. Formed to deliver free of charge into the timely and cost-effective manners. We are proud to say that in the history of the company nor we have any claim received, nor are we litigation with our clients. We have positioned ourselves as such that we are ready to accept any construction challenge, no matter how complex or large it is.


Since the road to success is always under construction, we are always willing to experiment new ideas, techniques and technologies. Our construction company in Islamabad philosophy is invites you to explore our website and get more information about.  Home Maintenance Company in Islamabad construction management follows the asset management phase involving the remaining existence of the infrastructure of the operation, maintenance, maintenance, and retrofitting. Find out more detail about construction in our services page. Industries in which we work The escalating hard works to achieve better and new business projects have shown that the company to mass of engineering rules. Now it is the company’s privilege to work in automotive, manufacturing, government and private sector, material and mining, design and ecological areas except for its well-built standing in engineering venture for power, chemicals, petrochemicals, roads / motorways, buildings and airports.

Our Profile Our engineer has a joint experience of years in structural design, analysis, and construction

Meer consultants Is the name of trusted building construction services. It is about systematizing and synchronizing the people, tools and materials so that the work is done professionally, safe and sound and in a environmentally perceptive and sustainable way. The skills of our Meer consultants. Team of project and asset management are essential for construction and maintenance of infrastructure which.

Our Profile Our engineer has a joint experience of years in structural design, analysis, construction and research. Are fully operational and experienced contractors, Manufacturers, Dealers, Importers, Exporters and Distributors with successful guidance and experienced workforce? In short we have developed a very good position and an image by ensuring that time and ideal construction. Meer consultants are confident to carry out all sorts of construction projects. In the era of advance construction, we decided to establish a state of art construction engineering to provide quality work with lowest costs and high productivity.


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