All of our artisans are well trained and skilled

‘Handyman’ is a term used to describe technicians such as electricians, plugins, AC technicians, carpenters, painters, etc. Our qualified Electric Services in Islamabad team houses and businesses for all their cleaning, electrical, plumbing, painting. , And other jobs that require immediate attention. We also offer construction and renovation services. So whether you’re rebuilding or renovating a home, office, commercial plaza, or just need maintenance and repairs, we are ready to serve you. Our prices are really cheap and competitive. One of the problems facing a professional technician was the inspiration behind the craftsman. These hands can be found by mouth or near a hardware store. The obvious problem with this was that most of these craftsmen lacked professionalism and / or expertise. Moreover they were often available or reliable, or merely charged with what was considered reasonable. It was clear that professional manual service was needed and we jumped at the idea! So, why should you use a Meer consultant?

  1. Professional and trained technicians: All of our artisans are well trained and skilled. They are doing more background checks and are honest and reliable.
  2. Quick response: Our craftsmen use motorcycles to reduce delays and reach clients on time.
  3. Availability: We provide services on both weekends and weekends. We also provide late night service (at high rates) for emergencies.

Well. Well-equipped: We provide the best tools to our employees and make sure they are intellectually uniform. This ensures that the technician doesn’t waste time looking for parts and tools.

  1. Capacity: We have the ability to do both small and large jobs. From fixing a small thing as a Muslim shower to big commercial and residential projects such as water distribution networks and building works, you can count on the employer for yourself. Nothing is too small or too big for us!
  2. Affordable Pricing: We also get smarter pricing than contractors or independent technicians who are really competitive. Clients are paid professionally and have to go through the hassle of pricing.
  3. Monthly / yearly maintenance packages: We now offer monthly maintenance packages for both households and corporate clients. This is a great value for money as the membership comes with free monthly maintenance and repair visits, as well as a special discount on new work.

 Home care and repair package costs less than Rs. 1000 every month. Corporate Packages are tailored to your company’s needs. Meer consultant is a complete management solution. For more details, contact us.

  1. Window Solution: We offer window solutions for all your maintenance and repair needs. You don’t even have to worry about buying and transporting parts as The Headman can arrange them. We also offer full service management services (including facility management


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