We are offering worker services to provide you with skilled electrician, carpenter, plumber,

Examine your problem; Meer Consultant worker is available for the time and date you need, the attendant will tell you the name. The adviser’s worker will reach you. He will examine your problem. If the work is 1 hour or less, it will start at the expense of the initial tour. Otherwise it will provide you with an estimate of the cost to issue. If you are happy he will start working further. Upon completion of the work, you can inspect and if there are any contradictions, the advisor’s worker will suit your needs. Please receive our printed bill for payment. You will receive an SMS / call for your feedback when done. You will help us improve the services in the future. All items needed for the job are purchased by the

Professional and trained consultant’s; Meer consultant worker to purchase additional transportation charges and the laboratory will apply. Professional and trained consultant’s worker services in Pakistan. Whenever you have a electricity or other repair problems your home, it is very skilled to find a skilled person. We have registered your time and effort for your area near electrician, carpenter, plumber, painter, mason and labor.

Offering worker services; Keeping in view the problems faced by people, we are offering worker services to provide you with skilled electrician, carpenter, plumber, painter, mason and laborer. We have started our Meer consultant’s worker services and currently we offer our worker services in, Rawalpindi and Islamabad We offer home maintenance services in Islamabad to those who want services of electrician, carpenter, plumbers, painters, mason or laborers in home to fix house problems in electrical wiring, water motor, leaks, taps problems, flush system or need to add something new in home.

Home maintenance services in Islamabad; at this time we need your time to reduce your problem and fix your stress. Pakistan for home or painting services for best Plumber in Islamabad. We at Meer consultants. Providing complete range of services from electrician, plumber, painter, mason and laborer. In Rawalpindi, , we are currently looking for first-hand information about our Meer consultant’s worker services or any kind of home maintenance.

About; Meer consultants need a worker type (electrician, carpenter, plumber, painter, architect or worker). Problem with the system you are experiencing. You want immediate or another time and date service. The exact location of your home by address.. If a service is available in your area, you will be notified after your call attendant. It will tell you the terms and conditions of service and provide the initial visit cost. If you agree, he will take your order. He or she will contact a registered Meer consultant worker near your area.


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