Experiment with new ideas, techniques and technologies

I am proud of the important role I have played, the work being done with an example of quality and workmanship. This is only possible with the tireless efforts of our dedicated staff and the encouragement of our valued customers … was created to provide timely and cost-free etiquette free of charge.

We are proud to say that the company we have not received any claims in the history of, nor are we pursuing litigation with our clients. We have positioned ourselves in such a way that we are ready to accept any construction challenge, no matter how complicated or overwhelming. Since the path to success is always under construction, we are always ready to experiment with new ideas, techniques and technologies. We have created a very good position and an image, ensuring time and ideal construction.

We have a solid team of professionals in the field of planning, design, implementation, control and inspection of civil engineering work. Meer Consultants Reliable Building Construction Services is following this phase of our management asset management in Islamabad. Including the operation, maintenance, restoration and maintenance of the rest of the infrastructure. Our engineering management deals with all of these construction elements so that the owner of the infrastructure, public or private sector, gets paid for the perfect look of our assets and the value of the work..

The industries we work for get better and new business ventures show that the company has largely disregarded engineering rules. It is now the company’s privilege to design engineering projects for electricity, chemicals, petrochemicals, roads / motorways, buildings and airports, in addition to the automotive, manufacturing, public and private sectors, materials and mining, design. And work in environmental areas.The Company’s Capital Development Authority, Islamabad and Provincial Highways have a credible name for successfully completing numerous projects with an estimated business. The company is proud to have established a road network system in Islamabad

As a Home Maintenance Company in Islamabad is the name of trusted building construction services. It is about organizing and coordinating people, tools and materials so that it can be professionally, securely, and stable and environmentally aware and sustainable. Our team’s team and site management skills are essential to building and maintaining infrastructure. Our Profile Our engineer has years of combined experience in structural design, analysis, construction and research. Emirates pk plans include building foundations and frames, residential and commercial environments, roads and sidewalks and adding their utility:


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