Meer Consultant is a leading construction company in the country. This is only possible with the tireless efforts of our dedicated staff and the encouragement of our valued customers … was created to provide timely and cost-effective free shipping. We are proud to say that we have not received any claims in the history of the company, nor are we pursuing litigation with our clients. We have positioned ourselves that the is ready to accept the construction challenge, no matter how complex or overwhelming. Success is always on the road. We are always ready to experiment with new ideas, techniques and technologies. We have positioned ourselves in such a way that we are ready to accept the construction challenge, no matter how complex or large the task. The design, implementation, and implementation of civil engineering work have been done Meer Consultant. There is a solid team of professionals in the field of control and inspection.

Highly educated and experienced construction company in Islamabad – Our engineering management infrastructure, public or private sector owner, deals with structural elements to better understand the value and value of their assets. ۔ Our services have influenced our impressions throughout Islamabad and Rawalpindi and have laid the foundation for new construction standards and engineering practices for the compliance of others with construction standards and professionalism under construction standards and professional expertise. Our expertise is in consulting with Islamabad’s architectural management owners, architects, contractors, brokers, various agencies, and lawyers. We follow asset management for the operation, maintenance, maintenance and maintenance of the construction management infrastructure.

The construction company in Islamabad has manufactured quality and sophisticated and sophisticated equipments in the manufacturing industry, which for our reputation customer High customer quality, customer satisfaction and dignity. Working hard shows that the company’s engineering principles are very high. We have positioned ourselves in such a way that we can withstand the construction challenge. Ready to accept it is now the company’s honor to provide engineering, automotive, manufacturing, and public and private sectors, materials for engineering, electricity, chemicals, petrochemicals, roads / motorways, buildings and airports. , And work in mining, design and environmental areas. We have a solid team of professionals in the field of civil engineering work planning, design, implementation, control and inspection. It is registered in the reputation of Pakistan. The company is a trusted name of the Capital Development Authority, Islamabad and provincial highways, which measure business success on a number of projects. The company is proud to have made a significant contribution to the road network system in Islamabad, which is an example of quality and workmanship.

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