A team of professional and skilled plumber is ready to serve you with a plumbing service

Our Team is a skilled, trained and professional plumber in Rawalpindi and Islamabad Our professional plumber is highly professional and trained. If you have a plumbing problem you can contact the Coal and Coal Plumbing Services to get the service you deserve. Minimum charge for detailed and affordable prices. Plumbing in your home, office, commercial […]

Qualified and professional technicians specializing in residential appliances, refrigerators

Our expert technicians make sure that your equipment is carefully organized and continues to grow and evolve according to our vision and strategy. Our technicians are highly skilled, qualified, trained and experienced. If you have any problems with any of your goods in Islamabad or Rawalpindi, please contact our helpline. Recognize among others in the […]

We offer repair and maintenance services, including plumbing, electrical and painting work

Looking for safety and security services in Islamabad and Rawalpindi? We offer the most reliable and excellent security and security services to the residents of Rawalpindi and Islamabad to protect our homes, offices, other properties or commercial plazas and business centers, including CCTV camera installation in Islamabad security systems and anti-shutters. Are installed. Clients feel […]

Our expertise is in consulting with architectural management owners

The solid team Meer consultant services of professionals in the field of control and inspection in Islamabad have impacted our perception throughout Islamabad and Rawalpindi and the construction quality and professionalism under construction standards and professionalism builds for others. Based on new standards and engineering practices. We have positioned ourselves in such a way that […]

0342 000 3 -462 Plumber and Electrician Services in F-11 Islamabad

We offer our services in all in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. 0342 000 -34 62 Call And WhatsApp this no. G-11, G-10, G-13, G-9,G6,G7,G8,F8,F7,F6,F9,F10,F11,E11,G-14,I8,I9,I10,I11,H13. Installation of fans with/without wiring Electrical switches wiring/rewiring Changing of switch breaker Electrical panels Exterior lighting Electrical motors installation/repair/maintenance Generator installation/repair/maintenance Wiring of new home and office Maintenance services • Plumbing Services […]

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