We provide, manage and supervise labor management such as all Masons, Electricians, and plumber

Trunk Solutions Design (Architecture, Height, Basic Exterior and Interior, layout, structure, and electrical / plumbing / HVAC system maps) Signed by our Panel Design Data Approval and Permit Design / Configuration approved by the Licensed Construction. Make sure to do. Get it approved by the structural engineer and the relevant government. Your area of authority (CDA, DHA, etc.) provides you with accurate measurements, labor costs, and material bills, so you spend less than the workforce or do not reduce or purchase material and we do not provide administrative shopping equipment at our discounted rates. The supplier network and to ensure that materials are used effectively and not wasted or damaged, we transport labor, construction equipment, and all materials such as brick, fixtures, gravel, sand and steel contractors, All contractors, and manage labor management. Manage all staff and workers, manage alternatives, and handle their time management,

monitoring and quality control that we oversee, strictly monitor the construction site, and ensure there is no compromise on the quality or delivery of a project that we normally supply. Keep our professionals updated with site images as well as updates that keep them informed of the construction progress. This is especially useful for clients who estimate and cost control of remote city or overseas project management solutions. Provide accurate measurements, labor costs, and equipment bills, so you spend or pay no more than manpower supplies or supplies. Management we make sure that the materials are used effectively and not wasted or damaged we manage the transport of labor, construction materials, etc. Offering premium construction services in Rawalpindi, Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

. We are the Construction Services in Islamabad¬† ¬†contractor, the subcontractor, and we provide, manage and supervise labor management such as all Masons, Electricians, Pulgates, Carpers, and other workers, and handle the time management we supervise and quality control. , Conducts rigorous monitoring on the construction site, and ensures quality or project execution Latest news does not compromise the delivery progress we provide our clients with regular updates. To inform the site of the site construction progress. This is especially useful for customers who are located in remote cities or overseas.We can do any kind of construction work. From project design, estimation, material procurement to contractor and labor management and supervision, trust the handyman to do the work for you. We further ensure cost and quality control. So whether you’re building or building a home, office, or commercial plaza, or refurbishing your property, a handyman is ready to serve you. Our prices are really cheap and competitive. Meer consultant also offer maintenance and repair services that cover the works of electricity, plumbing, painting and HVAC. For a complete list of our services, please see our pricing page


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