Highly skilled, qualified, trained and experienced plumber in Islamabad

We deal with virtually all types of equipment’s for the repair of all models and our certified technicians, and for home appliance repair services in Islamabad, a suitable for any trouble in your device. Fit is available. Make sure the quality work is done on time and we understand that time is so valuable to you and us. The Meer Consultants are fundamental: It is a realistic, research and consultancy service. We want our clients to feel that they can count on us for all home renovation needs. I can proudly say that we are an important home and office care company.

Our expert technicians make sure that your equipment is carefully organized and continues to grow and evolve according to our vision and strategy. Our technicians are highly skilled, qualified, trained and experienced. If you have any problems with any of your goods in Islamabad or Rawalpindi, please contact our helpline. Recognize among others in the industry that we not only provide quality repair services but also emphasize maintaining a good relationship with each of your customers. Air Conditioning Refrigeration & Water Dispensers Chiller & Heating System Washing Machine & Dish Washer Geyser, Oven, & Cooking Range UPS & Generator CCTV Camera LED & TV We have professionals, our esteemed Provide clients. Because of how busy we are, we both have the ability to do a little something like the Muslim shower, from mass to business to private work, especially to the water distribution network. Is. Works and Building Works, you can rely on Meer consultants to do your job. No job is small or large for us! Mode. Moderate Cost: Despite conflicts with temporary workers or independent experts, we receive cautious costs that are really focused. Customers are professionally requested and do not face the stress of over-evaluation. 7.

Monthly / Yearly Maintenance Package: Our expert technicians make sure that your equipment is carefully arranged because after having experienced staff, we are able to manage the projects. And provide effective services to all services for schools / colleges, groups of companies, housing societies and construction. This is a realistic, research and consultancy service for field services and other features and the fundamentals of company Meer consultants. We want our clients to feel that they can count on us for all home maintenance needs. I can proudly say that we are a leading home and office care company and build trust with customers who provide high quality services. We will continue to evolve and grow according to our vision and strategy and get maximum profit. Plumber Services in Islamabad engages our clients in various decision making stages and their suggestions and feedback to improve our services. In Islamabad the plumber will ensure our best service to fulfill his promise with our valuables. We have a team of qualified and professional technicians specializing in residential appliances, refrigerators, AC and heating systems, HVAC, washer, dryer, washing machine, LED, geyser, oven. , Water heater repairs and other electronic and electronic equipment.


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