Our priority is to offer the highest quality manual services in Islamabad. We definitely want to hire a Meer Consultant to provide high precision solutions to our clients. Welcome to your home, or alternative light bulbs. And the whole thing in between! Our job is to take care of your home and renovation needs as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our offer includes home renovation services in Pakistan, electrician, and manual plumber, paint household manual services, ups, new AC setup and vital protection services. We ensure the happiness of our patrons at the highest level. Our priority is to offer the highest quality manuals. Who owns: The Meer Consultant hired to provide customers with high-precision solutions to everything in their buildings. Domestic production, industrial creation, home renovation, crafts and protection. Our company adheres to basic but essential values such as honesty, respect, and commitment to service. We want our client to protect their home, build a house, build a business, install an AC, and take care of the AC and trust us on the plumber’s offer. That’s one of the reasons we have our technicians in the background to check and evaluate our safety and yours. Our Purpose: Our goal is to reduce your workload by offering an expert, reliable honeymoon provider 24 hours a day, a dedicated asset landscape to provide first-class customer service and outstanding fees for cash. And decoration experts.

Our example is to offer craftsman services with high quality. If you are looking for a professional agency or local trader in Rawalpindi / Islamabad, Pakistan, we are here to help you. We offer a premium plumber who is skilled and professional. Our skilled plumber can do any kind of work for you. If you need plumber service in Islamabad for your commercial or residential area, we are here to repair and install new pipes (PPR, rubber, and PVC and GI). Nothing is bigger or bigger for us. Our electricians are skilled, trained and professional, and can do any kind of electrical work for you. We can do maintenance and repair work as well as new construction work such as wiring and installation installations, lights, generators and UPS, so whether you are building a house, office, or commercial plaza, or renovating your property. Creating nine. The Meer Consultant is ready to serve you. Our prices are really cheap and competitive. We also offer plumbing and HVAC services so that you can collect bills for all work done on our ‘single job base’ through our handymen.

Our prices are very affordable and competitive. Please note that for non-members, minimum order charges will apply. So for example, to say that the non-client is an electronic work order of the client, the non-client will have to pay the total amount, even if the actual amount is not the minimum payment. If, however, the non-member, for example, orders the client to work, the non-member will pay the actual price only because their order value exceeds the minimum order charge. Minimum charges do not apply to subscribers. The chart below does not include the cost of spare parts, consultants were hired to provide the highest precision solutions for everything from in-house production, industrial creation, home security renovations ۔ consultants and provides customers with high-precision solutions to everything in their buildings. Domestic production, industrial creation.

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