How Online Ac Installation Proceeds?

The service of Online Ac Installation in Islamabad is an important step and it must be done by professional hands. When Ac is installed properly as it is designed then it works more better and efficiently. It works in a way as it is designed to work. Beside its proper working it will also be free from unwanted noises and vibrations.

Ac installation includes many things to handle. Some of them are

  • Support construction
  • Vents creation
  • Fixing of Ac units
  • Making connections


Installed your Ac with Meer Consultant

Meer consultant is providing its service in

Online Ac Installation in Islamabad. They are Islamabad based online companies who are providing different services to their customers. Their services are making people’s lives easier and comfortable. From plumbing services to repairing and installation of Ac. They have different experts to serve their services. Same like that if you are finding expert hands for Ac installation then Meer consultant is the best one to hire. They are experts in installing all types of Ac of any brand.


Window Ac Installation

Window Ac installation is installed by removing window glass as it is fitted in a window. It is a heavy weight Ac and needed 2 experts to handle. It consists of the following main parts.

  • Outer frame case
  • Inner unit
  • Front screen
  • Controller of Ac

Tools which are required for Ac installations are screws, screwdrivers, drill machine, basic tool box and guide panels.

Meer consultants properly fixed the outer case in the window with the help of screws. Then the inner case of Ac is properly fixed inside the outer case. After that the Ac is switched on to check whether it is working properly or not. Then the cover of the Ac is gently fixed on the inner unit. At the end the air filter of window Ac is fixed inside and the cover is closed.


Split Ac Installation

In split Ac the position to fit the Ac indoor or outdoor is decided by the customer. once the location is confirmed after that installation of split Ac of the indoor unit is started. A split unit has following parts

  • Indoor unit
  • External unit
  • Wall bracket
  • Remote control
  • Pipes connection


Tools required for split Ac installations are screws, screw driver, drill machine, pipes of copper, and tool box.

Meer consultant expert makes a point on the wall before fixing split Ac. In the split Ac box there is an aluminium wall bracket with all holes and attachments in it. With the help of this bracket split Ac is installed. The installation is started by making a mark on the wall as per bracket. After that the holes are made with a drill machine and brackets are fixed with the screw. After the fixing of brackets pipes and cables are passed through the fix to fix the cable of indoor unit with outdoor unit. Once the indoor unit is installed then the expert starts the installation of outdoor split Ac. It is heavier than the indoor one and has to be handled more carefully.


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