Cooking Range Repair in Islamabad

In the regard of Cooking Range Repair in Islamabad Meer Consultants is one of the main repairers   in Islamabad. Meer Consultants repair Futile kitchen apparatuses in Islamabad with best costs as Islamabad by Meer Consultants is one of the main contrast with others in Islamabad.

  1. Cooking Range Repair in Islamabad by Meer Consultants:

Range Hoods

Meer Consultants repair Futilehoods that give solid and productive smoke catch and evacuation so you can cook whatever your heart wants.


Meer Consultants repair Futile hobs, effective with direct injector, high warmth sautéing, stable fire soup stewing, sparing time and exertion, Futile innovation can fulfill every one of your needs for delicacy cooking.

Electric Ovens:

Meer Consultants repair Futile stoves can make 80 treats one after another. Feel free to arrange a gathering this end of the week, Futile stove will make cooking for it a breeze.


Meer Consultants repair Futile Microwave, not simply quick and helpful. Planning everything from grill save ribs to a warm glass of milk is easy. That is the key to a nutritious feast made shortly.

Steam broilers:


Meer Consultants repair Futile steam broiler, steam the sound new delicacy. Steaming jelly food’s unique flavor and surface. In any event, when cooking an assortment of dishes, no smell is moved from one dish to the next. Effectively make a nutritious supper or a comfortable sweet. With eight clever cooking modes, it is hard not to yield to the allurement of your internal five-star gourmet expert and seek after your culinary dreams.

A main assembling/shipper of value business food administration Equipment Company with broad scope of items structured with work,wellbeing,dependability, and moderateness. They are ceaselessly starting intends to deliver and import gear of better quality in Pakistan .Established in 1992.

Kitchen Care has accomplished exceptional development through proceeding with endeavors into planning and assembling quality, steady and moderate items using modern innovation.

There are huge numbers of kitchen frill accessible to exploit your kitchen structure and cupboard inside Mondo Corner Carousel, Wicker Baskets, and Pull out larders, Magic Corners and numerous more.

The principal proficient administrations in Pakistan where an expert culinary specialist of Cooking Range Repair in Islamabad who can repair by Meer Consultants all the business gear prepared in stock .


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