How to Find the Right Plumber Services in Islamabad

The difference between choosing a Plumber in Islamabad and choosing a carpenter, builder, or painter is that a plumber is usually called in an emergency. That means you may not have much time to look around.

Anyway, here are some good tips for finding a good plumber from meerconsultants for all circumstances.

Unfortunately, it seems that in the plumbing industry, there are more horror stories of people being cheated than there are other trades.

Plumbing also involves a job that most DIY enthusiasts do not have much experience with. Some will enjoy assembling cabinets, or painting and decorating, but not many will be happy to solder pipes or play with repairing lines.

Be sure you are hiring the right plumber?

Find the right plumber.

The best route is a personal recommendation of a Plumber in Islamabad. This way, you can at least pre-examine the plumber and get information to make an informed decision.

If pipes are leaking or your toilet is vomiting the contents, you have much time to ask for recommendations.

What to do in an emergency?

In an emergency for plumbing is probably the internet or the pages. It is a charity purpose is “to improve the science, practice and principles of plumbing engineering.” These are inspected plumbers who meet certain criteria. The next step is to start calling.

Before agreeing to anything, it is essential that you find out the following:

They been doing business and whether they have places you can visit. An established plumber will not disappear during work.

  • Get referrals from meerconsultants.
  • Have they done similar work before?
  • Do you have insurance that covers your property (and that of your neighbors)?
  • Do they guarantee their job? Is this insurance backed up? This means if you close, you are still covered.
  • Is the plumber a member of a trading body? If you have time, contact the relevant trading body and verify that they are currently registered.
  • Of course, if it’s an emergency, you cannot do all of the above. It is good to ask these questions anyway, and you’ll get an idea of ​​what kind of a plumber he is.

How to hire the right plumber

Don’t fall the trap of hiring the first plumber you called. If it is an emergency, describe the problem in full and get a quote. Get quotes from three and four different plumbers so you can compare prices. The questions to find out from them are:

  • What is your call cost?
  • What are your rates?
  • When do your rates start? (some ask you from the moment they leave their office)
  • How much does a plumber cost?

It all depends. There are no any standard guidelines on how much a plumber can charge. Therefore, it is best to get a detailed written estimate of the work to be done and the cost of the work, including materials.


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