The best Services of Sofa Cleaning & Carpet Cleaning

The cost of keeping a house clean and maintained is becoming more expensive recently, so will the fees of companies that help maintain your home. Take, for example, sofa cleaning services; as this can be a sideline for carpet cleaning companies, the cost versus value needs to be examined. The national variation in sofa cleaning costs ranges from $ 60 to $ 150. At the higher prices, you can see that it would cost close to six hundred dollars to steam clean and pre-treat a sofa, loveseat, two chairs, and an ottoman.

There are times when these local Sofa & Carpet Cleaning companies will offer drastically reduced prices when the economy dips, and you should always make the most of these situations. Basically, this will allow you to clean furniture in a large living room for the cost of cleaning the sofa. Also, if you have your rugs made at the same time, you can negotiate even more discounts, as long as you don’t get too greedy. These companies have high overheads, especially with commercial vehicle and liability insurance, and they have to make a modest profit to survive.

If an experienced furniture cleaning service comes to your home and does a cursory examination of the work to be done.

Hiring these companies once a year will go a long way in keeping your furniture in great shape, but in reality, every six months is a more realistic schedule. It will make your upholstery last longer and save you from having to replace the upholstery or buy a new sofa when stains get overwhelming and unsightly. So unless you have your own steam cleaning system in your home, be prepared to spend some money on maintaining your furniture.

You may also want to ask when the technician is cleaning your sofa if it has a contract price that will greatly reduce the cost of each visit but comes out more than once a year. A service contract can be the ticket to keeping everything flawless.

Everyone knows how easy it is for a house to get messy, especially when there are children running around and regular visits from friends and family.

Vacuuming and picking up after them is fairly simple, although time-consuming and tedious. However, certain pieces of furniture are more difficult to clean than others, such as the sofa and armchairs.


The sofas are large and bulky. To clean them properly, you need to remove the seat cushions and vacuum every inch, and remove crumbs and other bits that have been left behind and accumulated in the corners and edges.

Upholstery cleaning should be done regularly to prevent invisible hazards from growing deep into the fabrics. In fact, the more you let sofas and armchairs collect dust, fallen hair, crumbs, and anything else that can stick to fabrics, the more you’ll create a perfect breeding ground for microscopic pests, like dust mites.

A good way to keep most of the dirt from getting deep into fabric sofas from meerconsultants and armchairs is by draping blankets over them. A blanket will not only decorate your upholstery very well; it will also serve to trap most of the dust and dirt. They will also absorb much of the sweat of people who spend a lot of time resting on them.



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