Sofa and Carpet Cleaning Services in Islamabad by Meer Consultants

Floor Carpet and Sofa set cleaning framework in Islamabad

Why We Need Sofa and Carpet Cleaning Services?

Master cleaning assists with holding the soil and residue back from tearing away at the strands in the carpet, which at last causes them look better and to feel milder for a more drawn out measure of time. Introducing rug in your home can be a significant venture, so it is imperative to secure your speculation by appropriately focusing on it.

Try not to disregard your sofa set if you need to have it for long time. We give Sofa Cleaning Services in Islamabad – Rawalpindi – Lahore. Being one of best sofa cleaners in Pakistan we don’t settle on the administrations gave to the clients.

Also our administration Includes appropriate cleaning of sofas and sofa set is dried on spot by the laborers with machines.

Automated gear imported synthetics and expert in-house staff ensure your sofa gets another take care of benefiting our couch cleaning administrations.

Sorts of Carpet Cleaning Methods

1-Hot Water Extraction Cleaning

Boiling Water Extraction (HWE) is a strategy for carpet cleaning. It includes a blend of boiling water and cleaning specialists being infused into the filaments of a floor covering at high pressing factor and all lifted soil being eliminated by a ground-breaking vacuum.

2-Carpet Shampooing

Typically we need Carpet ought to be cleaned consistently. The misguided judgment that ground-breaking cleaners some way or another harm or destroy floor coverings isn’t accurate. … Floor covering cleaners do the inverse, they help free covers of the impacts of heaps of wear and use, making them look new, perfect and new once more.


Exemplification cleaning is an inter carpet support strategy. In this interaction, the embodying substance is splashed onto and afterward brushed into the carpet utilizing a round and hollow or revolving brush machine or hat. … Since this is a low-dampness framework, rugs can be returned to utilize speedily.

4-Bonnet Cleaning

There are numerous strategies for carpet cleaning. Two of the most well-known are bonnet cleaning and truck-mounted extraction. Hood or turn cleaning involves a revolving floor machine with a cleaning cushion absorbed arrangement. As it moves over the floor covering, the tumult makes earth be consumed into the cleaning cushion.

5-Dry Carpet Cleaning

Dry floor carpet cleaning or compound cleaning is one of the most recent cleaning innovation found on the lookout and has acquired expanding ubiquity and endorsements by driving rug producers in light of its compelling cleaning execution and accommodation as it doesn’t need drying time.


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