Our priority is to offer the highest quality manuals services in Islamabad

Hiring a Meer Consultant to provide clients with a high-precision solution for everything we do certainly means that. Welcome to your home, or alternative light bulb. And the whole thing in the middle! Our job is to take care of your home and renovation wishes as quickly and effectively as possible. Our offerings include home […]

Meer Consultant is really affordable and competitive AC installation, Split AC service in Islamabad.

We serve all brands as Split AC Service in Islamabad Best A / C & HVAC Technician Services in Islamabad HVAC System & AC Installation Company AC Repair & Maintenance A / C & HVAC technicians, experienced AC professionals should be performed by. AC maintenance performs all types of AC repair and maintenance, from AC […]

We are capable of doing this work both on a large scale in Islamabad

We have a team of qualified and professional technicians and plumbers, and we receive careful costs that are really focused. Customers are professionally requested and do not face the stress of over-evaluation. 7. Monthly / Yearly Maintenance Package: Our expert technicians make sure that your equipment is carefully arranged because after having experienced staff, we […]

Provides a full range of electricians, plumbers, painters, architects and ac technician in Islamabad

It will start under the cost of the initial visit and it will cost you an estimated amount of time needed to fix the problem. If you are happy he will start working further. Upon completion of the work, you can inspect and, if there is any contradiction, the Meer Consultant provides a full range […]

Meer Consultant Crafts Services or any type of home care in Rawalpindi Islamabad

We are looking for many Services in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Electronic Plumber, Painter, Architect, and Worker or just call. Are you looking for a skilled and skilled plumber service for workers, wires or small electrical work in Islamabad workers in the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad? Or do you monitor electricity, labor or seasoned […]

We are Offer appropriate service solutions for your comfort home.

We serve all brands as Split AC service in Islamabad Best A / C and HVAC technician services in Islamabad Maintenance of AC from AC supply and installation to AC unit service with gas refilling only Performs type AC repair and maintenance services. In the summer months, breaking out your air conditioner can be a […]

We offer repair and maintenance services, including plumbing, electrical and painting

Maintenance and repairs to the home require time and require proper attention and time. Can’t tell by yourself and can’t think that the work has been done according to your instructions. When it comes to home care, proper testing and balance and examination are essential. Finding a plumber in Rawalpindi for planning, especially fitting and […]

We have a team of qualified and professional technicians and plumber

Our expert technicians make sure that your equipment is carefully arranged because after having experienced staff, we are able to manage the projects. And provide effective services to all services for school / college companies, groups, housing societies and construction. This is a realistic, research and consulting service for field services and other features and […]

We experiment with new ideas, techniques and technologies

This is only possible with the tireless efforts of our dedicated staff and the encouragement of our valued customers … was created to provide timely and cost-effective free shipping. We are proud to say that we are proud of the company. No claims have been received to date, nor are we pursuing litigation with our […]

We deal with practically every type of equipment for repairs

Our technicians are highly skilled, qualified, trained and experienced. If you have any problems with your goods in Islamabad or Rawalpindi, please contact our helpline. Recognize among others in the industry that we not only provide quality repair services but also emphasize maintaining a good relationship with each of your customers. Air Conditioner Refrigeration & […]

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