Best home maintenance company consultants planning design implementation in Islamabad

Meer Consultants is confident in performing all types of construction projects. In the pre-construction period, we decided to set up state-of-the-art construction engineering to provide quality work with low cost and high productivity. We are proud to provide quality work to our customers in the field of construction, all residential, commercial and have more than […]

Solid team of professionals in the field of control and inspection in Islamabad

Meer Consultant services have influenced our impressions throughout Islamabad and Rawalpindi and have laid the foundations for new construction standards and engineering practices for others to follow, a unique construction quality and professional expertise. We have positioned ourselves in such a way that we can withstand the construction challenge. We are ready to accept it […]

The team of professional and skilled plumber is ready to serve you with plumbing service.

We charge at competitive and very affordable rates .Expert in Islamabad for plumbing services in your home, office, commercial property or business area. Plumber? We offer skilled and experienced plumbing service in Islamabad / Rawalpindi. If you want plumbing service for home or repair work, our experienced plugins are available. Our team of experienced plumbers […]

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